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Dr. O has spent the last several years researching obesity, its causes and treatment. In her book, Know More, Weigh Less: Dr. O’s Guide to Scale Bliss, published in 2011, you will learn more about this epidemic, diet, exercise, nutrition and her own personal struggle with weight. The book is available in paperback at DrO Medical Clinic, book stores nationwide (Barnes & Nobles, Borders, Books-A-Million etc), online at Amazon.com and e-book versions also available on Kindle and Nook readers.

Insurance policies and government control have caused changes in the practice of medicine which has forced many physicians to become medication managers who see patients in 5-10 minute slots instead of compassionate doctors who listen and then treat. Even though medications can be helpful, and sometimes even crucial part of treatment, without time to get a thorough history, it is very difficult to correctly diagnose or even attempt to help a person heal.


At DrO Medical, we believe in the profound physical, mental, and emotional benefits of proper diagnosis, exercise & nutrition, and strive daily to make this a key component of our treatment plans.


We ensure all patients accepted into our wellness programs become success stories. Our providers discuss each patient’s needs and agree on how best to help. We know we will diagnose your issues, even those that have been mis-treated or mis-diagnosed, and take the right steps to provide the answers that will get you truly well.


Are You Ready?

There are many ways to lose weight, but most have high failure rates. Too many Doctors tell their patients to “just eat less and move more,” but this advice rarely meets success. With DrO Medical weight loss programs, you will have energy, shed fat, and decrease cravings while preserving lean muscle mass.


Here at Dr O Medical, we understand that there are many causes for Obesity

Muitple Allergies

Hormone Imbalance

    • – Adrenal
    • – Insulin
    • – Thyroid
    • – Female
    • – Male
    • – Pregnenolone

Neurotransmitter Imbalance

      • – Epinephrine
      • – Norepinephrine
      • – Serotonin
      • – GABA
      • – Glutamate
      • – Histamine
      • – PEA

Lack of Detoxification

Inflammation due to Stress, Hidden Infections etc…

Sleep deprivation

Yeast/Bacterial Overgrowth

Low Fiber intake

Insufficient Water

Not enough Exercise

Food addictions

        • – Chocolate
        • – Cheese
        • – Wheat

Lack of Nutrients that aid in weight loss

Our Programs are the result of many years of rigorous clinical studies and research. It combines tested health and wellness principles with world-class products.

Our programs are designed to help you achieve great results while increasing your ability to maintain these successes throughout your life whether you’re looking to shed pounds and inches, have more energy, or just looking to feel more confident.


Your Transformation will evolve over a short time but the results are long lasting. Important principles will be introduced at each step of the process and your Success Coach will help you apply those principles to your own individual circumstance.

Tracking your success is a critical element to the Transformation experience, and will allow your coach to make appropriate adjustments to maximize your success. Our Transformation Tracker (available in paper form, online and mobile forms) will help you set goals, enter measurements, and track your progress daily.

The Science

The reason so many diets fail? Most diets and fitness programs focus only on short-term weight loss or physical appearance. DrO Medical believes it is better to address the root problem rather than address symptoms alone. DrO Medical has found a solution to the worldwide pandemic – Our Get Slim Now Transformation Programs.

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