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Tinuade Olusegun M.D. (aka “Dr. O”)

Internist & Medical Director

Author of the Book: Know More, Weigh Less.
Member of Pastoral Medical Association


Wholeness Medicine

Changes in the practice of medicine are forcing many physicians to become medication managers who see patients in 7-10 minute slots. In this model, doctors only address symptoms of disease that insurance companies will pay for rather than addressing the factors that caused the disease.


While I have often find medications to be helpful, and sometimes even crucial part of treatment, I believe deeply in the power of conversation, human connection and the fact that the body was designed by God to Heal itself with proper nutrition & lifestyle.


Even though I trained in a top orthodox/conventional allopathic medical program, I strongly embrace the fact that the body will heal itself unless the source of injury remains.


I am a strong believer in the profound physical, mental, and emotional benefits of proper exercise, optimized nutrition and stress management in the care of chronic diseases.


This is why DrO Medical & Wellness Center focuses on designing customized programs that help rebuild & heal.


We Treat the Underlying cause of deteriorating health by providing Hormonal testing & Replacement, Nutritional testing & Professional grade Supplementation, Balancing GI function, Identifying Food Sensitivities (e.g. gluten), Allergy testing & treatment, Fitness & Exercise training, Weight Management programs, Adrenal testing & Stress mitigation, Detoxification & Sleep hygiene education.


Our Wellness practice teaches the adoption of personal lifestyle behaviors to mitigate physical, emotional, and mental stress that leads to chronic diseases.


This means that we educate you to practice wellness lifestyle behaviors that support optimized living. You learn to recognize the presence of stress, where it comes from, its positive and negative attributes, and how best to manage it so it doesn’t turn into distress; which can diminish ones quality of life.


Insurance companies do not cover most wellness programs. To find out if you can use one of our financing options, submit a simple one-page application online and receive a decision within seconds.

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