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When dealing with unresolved thyroid and hormonal problems, it’s imperative to work with a doctor who will do everything to find the actual root cause of the problem or problems.

Many doctors will simply try to treat the symptoms, helping a person “manage” or “live with” their thyroid condition. They will listen to the symptoms and then prescribe medication meant to alleviate those symptoms. Unfortunately, this does nothing to help providing lasting relief from a thyroid problem. Instead, it simply means the person will be taking drugs for the rest of their life in an effort to minimize the symptoms.

Dr. O and her team at Dr. O Medical in San Antonio, however, provides permanent solutions to thyroid problems.

Instead of simply treating the symptoms, she works to diagnose the root cause of the problem. Many doctors simply lack the experience of dealing with the thyroid and endocrine system that Dr. O possesses. This experience gives her a good idea of what to check when a patient presents with particular systems. Through a battery of tests and discussions about environmental factors, it is possible to find the condition triggering this thyroid problem and treat the cause instead of the symptoms. This can help a person feel like their old self without a laundry list of prescription drugs taken indefinitely.

San Antonio Thyroid Help

The first thing to do is identify any toxins within the body or any nutritional defects that may exist. Since each person’s body is different, finding a baseline for nutritional health is imperative in creating a specific, individualized treatment plan. If there are toxins in the body or if there is a nutritional deficiency, it is important to identify it immediately and correct it. This can be done by incorporating or cutting out certain foods, introducing all-natural supplements, or finding a diet based on a person’s specific needs. By getting the body the nutrients it needs to function properly, a solid foundation can be built that aids in treating the patient.

Along with a dietary plan based on an individual’s unique needs, Dr. O will also create an exercise plan that can help the thyroid function properly and get the body working normally. This exercise regimen should be based on your individual body needs and your individual level of health. This way, you can get physical activity that will help your body instead of overworking it or causing injury. Dr. O can explain exactly what you need to do exercise in such a way that your body is being helped and not hurt. Exercise can help stimulate thyroid production and helps keep the entire body healthy. This promotes overall wellness that can lead to lasting improvement in all areas of a person’s life.

Along with all this, Dr. O can prescribe hormones that can supplement a person in the short term. For some people, this can help a body achieve homeostasis and can get the thyroid working normally by providing a short term boost to help a person get over that initial hump an underactive thyroid can bring. Dr. O has studied all the latest research and knows the most up-to-date information regarding hormone treatment for a thyroid problem. She often prescribes T3 and T4 hormones for those patients who need it. Many doctors only prescribe T3. This gives patients with severe hormone deficiency the best chance possible at a recovery from thyroid problems.

Dr. O also works carefully to identify optimal levels of thyroid hormone for each individual.

Many doctors work to get a patient within the “normal” range and think they have done their job. Unfortunately, because everyone’s body is different, it is entirely possible that what is “normal” for one person is actually far too low or far too high for another. By understanding each patient’s individual thyroid hormone levels, Dr. O make sure that each patient’s body is getting the exact amount of hormone it needs to function properly. There is no “one size fits all” solution for thyroid levels, so Dr. O takes great to find a person’s optimal level instead of simply reading levels on a chart.

Dr O Medical San Antonio Thyroid

Dr. O works closely with her patients to understand exactly how their thyroid condition has affected their life.

By getting plenty of face-to-face time, Dr. O works to educate her patients on exactly why a certain treatment course is being prescribed and exactly what to expect going forward. This allows each patient to ask questions and fully understand why certain measures are being taken. This education give the patient confidence they are working with someone who actually cares about their well-being and generally makes patients more invested in their treatment. This helps produce positive outcomes in even the most difficult of thyroid problems.

If you have seen other doctors and have tried everything to correct your thyroid problem with no success, there is hope.

Dr. O and her team at Dr. O Medical in San Antonio helps patients from around the world deal with thyroid problems permanently. As a renowned expert in the field of thyroid treatment, she will develop and individualized plan that maximizes your chances for a full recovery and a full life. If you fear that your thyroid condition can never be correct, don’t lose hope.


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