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    For Complicated Thyroid and Hormonal Issues…

    It is imperative to find the underlying cause of your Thyroid & Hormones concerns. Each person’s condition is different, and the treatment prescribed should be unique for that individual. At Dr. O Medical, our team has the knowledge and experience to identify any underlying issues that may be impacting you and get them corrected once and for all. By working with us, we develop a comprehensive plan to treat the root cause and improve your overall health and well-being so that you will be able to live a happy, healthy life.

    With a background in conventional medicine and alternative therapies, Dr. O Medical & Wellness center can provide a complete solution for your health care needs.

    By developing a treatment plan that utilizes both Western medicine along with Natural, holistic therapies, a patient can be sure that nothing is being overlooked or missed. Simply taking a pill or changing your diet does not always correct the problem. The truth is that each person responds differently to different treatment methods. Instead of simply applying a one size fits all cookie cutter method for every patient, Dr. O Medical team takes the time to identify exactly which approach might be most effective for every individual. The truth is, the best approach to overcome Thyroid and Hormonal issues in a short amount of time and see results permanently, is to combine both Western conventional medicine and appropriate Alternative methods.

    Another important aspect of treatment with Dr. O Medical is finding and correcting nutritional & lifestyle deficiencies.

    Everyone’s body is different, so it may not be effective to simply get someone’s thyroid hormone level into the normal range. Comprehensive testing should include nutritional evaluations. This gives Dr. O Medical the information needed to identify and achieve OPTIMUM levels for your particular body.

    Doctor and patientOur extensive patient-doctor contact is vital to a successful treatment. It is important for our team to learn all about a personal lifestyle when making recommendations about their condition. This information can only be learned from significant face-to-face contact. Simply filling out a questionnaire or giving you a brochure and sending you on your way, is NOT our way. Dr. O Medical team will gather information on your thyroid and hormonal levels, learn about your lifestyle choices, and nutritional deficits in order to get you started on the proper treatment plan.

    Dr. O Medical team is constantly researching and learning new ways to treat their patients better. There are many exciting therapies available to patients which many doctors may not aware of. The endocrine system is very complex and requires a doctor to stay on top of the latest research and the latest studies. Dr. O Medical incorporates new treatments and therapies, as well as cutting edge technology to diagnose conditions, along with traditional, proven therapies. This has been shown to be effective for patients who have tried everything but have not found relief for their particular thyroid or hormonal problem. If you have given up hope that your condition will ever be corrected, don’t give up. There are new treatments and therapies, some all-natural, that can provide permanent relief from your problems.

    Medical research stethoscope lying on doctor bookIf you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, if you have tried everything but found no solutions, if you are fed up with the lack of attention and personalized care from your doctor, there is a solution. Dr. O Medical & Wellness Center in San Antonio will take the time to learn about your condition, to learn about your body, and find solutions that actually work for you. By combining all possible treatment methods, Dr. O medical has become world-renowned for her success with even the most difficult of cases.

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