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How We Work with Our Thyroid Patients for Treatment and Care…

The patients who come to see Dr. O Medical in San Antonio are patients who seem to have tried everything but can’t seem to get their thyroid symptoms under control.

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Many of them have worked with their general practitioner or family doctor to map out a plan. They are people who have tried to eat right and live better, but have not seen any results. Instead, they remain overweight, they feel tired and fatigued, and they just don’t feel like themselves. Many of these patients had begun to accept that this was just how life was going to be due to all the failed treatments and misplaced hope. Fortunately, there is actual hope for people with a thyroid condition.

These patients come from all over the world to find lasting relief for a variety of problems, including thyroid, autoimmune, gastrointestinal, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia. Dr. O Medical takes patients from all around the world who have been treated by some of the top doctors in their field, yet still haven’t found relief. She takes great pride in finding effective treatments for even the most difficult cases and does not hesitate to help a person suffering from a thyroid problem.

The reason these patients come from all the ends of the Earth to seek treatment with Dr. O is that she is one of the few doctors in the world who combines Western medicine with holistic, functional treatment.

Many doctors or other wellness professionals take an either-or approach. They might prescribe drugs and end the treatment there. Others may only suggest dietary changes which may not be sufficient. With Dr. O, each patient will get a complete approach for their thyroid issue. If medication is needed, Dr. O can prescribe it. This can help people get over the hump and help get the thyroid working normally in the short term. But she does not just stop there and send the patient on their way. She will work to identify lifestyle issues that may be impacting the thyroid and get them corrected. This way, a patient can get permanent relief from their thyroid problems instead of short term gains.

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The most important aspect of treatment with Dr. O consists of diagnosing the underlying cause of your particular thyroid issue. Many doctors with less experience simply do not know what to look for when diagnosing a thyroid condition. They may see the symptoms and devise a treatment plan around those symptoms. Unfortunately, that does not help treat what is actually causing the problem. This gets patients stuck on an endless carousel of drug treatments that provide some short-term relief but eventually fade. It is only through proper diagnosis of any underlying diseases or conditions that a person can get actual, lasting relief.

Because Dr. O specializes in thyroid treatment, she utilizes the most advanced testing methods to find problems within the body.

Many doctors simply lack the resources that Dr. O has, giving her greater insight into a patient’s endocrine system and other workings within the body. Some doctors use only a T3 test to diagnose a thyroid condition which may miss many problems within a person’s body. By getting an accurate picture of a person’s entire body, Dr. O can better identify issues that may be hindering thyroid production.

These diagnoses help Dr. O treat not only the thyroid but any problems within the body. By prescribing medications and working diligently to find the root of a particular condition, many people find problems within their body that other doctors simply overlooked. Dr. O will stop at nothing to find the root of your individual condition. Since no two thyroid problems are the same, it requires a doctor who will map out a plan based on an individual’s unique needs. Dr. O will find a plan that provides lasting relief from this thyroid problem.

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Dr. O does not just focus on prescribing drugs, however. She takes a holistic approach when it comes time to diagnose a person’s particular problems. For instance, examining the toxins within a person’s body can give an idea of what supplements a person should be taking or any deficiencies within a patient’s diet. Eliminating processed foods and other unnatural items can help a person remove toxins and help the body function properly. By identifying your individual nutrient levels and finding their proper balance, a person can get their body working in harmony instead of fighting itself.

Similarly, Dr. O will develop an exercise regimen that can help get the thyroid functioning properly and help with an overall wellness program. Because many patients with thyroid conditions report a variety of problems, it is important to make sure that the entire body is healthy instead of just focusing on one aspect of a person’s overall health. This holistic approach has proven effective for even the most stubborn, long-lasting conditions.

Dr. O wants to get to know each and every patient and get to know all about their lifestyle choices and how they live. This is done through a lengthy face-to-face interview and discussion. Some doctors will simply have a patient fill out a form and base any treatment plan on this form. Dr. O strives to actually learn about the patient, to ask them questions and get to know them as a human being. Her visits are not simply five minutes; rather, each visit lasts for at least an hour so the doctor can ask questions and truly learn about the person. She does not simply turn over patients in an effort to see as many as possible in a given day. She takes on only a select few in order to maximize their individual outcomes.

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If you have been under treatment for thyroid and hormonal conditions for many months or many years and cannot seem to find anything that provides lasting, permanent help, Dr. O Medical in San Antonio can help.

As a thyroid specialist, Dr. O and her team sees patients from around the country and around the world who have helped patients just like you. She understands the frustration misdiagnosis can bring. She understands how disheartening it can be to try treatment after treatment only to see no results. She knows how hard it is to eat right and exercise without any results. If you are someone who is ready to get your thyroid condition under control once and for all, who is ready to make positive changes in your life for overall wellness, and who is ready to finally feel healthy again, Dr. O can help.

Together, we can figure out what is causing your thyroid problem and work to develop and individualized plan to treat it. No matter how many doctors you’ve seen or treatments you have tried, there is a solution for your particular issue. Contact Dr. O Medical today to finally get a proper diagnosis to unresolved thyroid and hormonal conditions.

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