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  • Learn how you can get off insulin and cholesterol lowering drugs in just a few weeks.
  • Learn Why Taking Diabetes Drugs Can (and Usually Does) Continue to Make Your Health Worse…

If your diabetes & cholesterol is simply “managed/controlled” with meds, you are still at risk for long term complications of heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and more.

  • How According to the Centers for Disease and Drug Control: Type II Diabetes is Preventable and Controllable…
  • Why Your Lab Tests Could Be Normal, But You Still Have Pre-Diabetes or Diabetes…
  • How Proper Lifestyle Modifications Can Actually REVERSE Your Type II Diabetes…
  • How To Address The Root Cause of Your Condition and NOT Just the Symptoms…
  • Learn the hidden side effects of insulin and cholesterol lowering drugs
  • What To Do If Your Doctor Has Said You’re Hypoglycemic (low blood sugar)?… We can help.

Diabetes Type 2 is caused by many factors as seen in the figure below. At Dr O Medical, we address every single area that plays a role in the disease, not just “band-aid” the symptoms with dangerous prescription drugs.


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