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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy for Women

Bio-Identical Hormone Expert, Tinuade Olusegun M.D. knows too well that:
•Over 3500 women enter menopause daily
•Menopause Symptoms may begin up to 15 years earlier
•Most women are affected in more ways than they realize
•Most women do not ever “get over” or “get through” menopause completely where they are completely symptom free

Here are some symptoms that may suggests hormone imbalance:

 Extreme fatigue

 3‐4 o’clock hit a wall??

 Mood swings

 Anxiety

 Tension & irritability

 Lack of sleep

 3‐4 o’clock am wake up?

 Memory loss

 Depression

 Lack of focus

 Brain fog

 Hot flashes

 Night sweats

 Weight gain

 Joint pain

 Migraine/severe headache

 Bladder symptoms

 Decreased sex drive and/or performance?


Sounding Familiar??


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