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Metabolic Syndrome

While working at Baylor University Medical Center, Dr. O came to the realization that many of the health conditions being treated were consequences of obesity and lack of knowledge about the effects of poor lifestyle choices. She acknowledged that if she helped her patients lose weight & learn healthy lifestyles, many of their health conditions would be automatically addressed.

Continuing Medical Education

She has since spent the last few years researching the causes of diseases, and devoted her time to examining effective means of treatment and cure. She is member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging, Regenerative & Functional Medicine (A4M). The A4M is dedicated to the advancement of technology to detect, prevent, and treat aging related disease and to promote research into methods to retard and optimize the human aging process. She is also a member of ASBP – a professional association of Physicians who undergo further training in caring for patients who struggle with obesity and its related conditions. In her efforts to treat the epidemic she has strategically relocated to San Antonio (one of the top U.S. cities most affected by obesity) to fight the war against the disorder.

Know More; Weigh Less

Dr. O has spent the last several years researching obesity, its causes and treatment. In her book, Know More, Weigh Less: Dr. O’s Guide to Scale Bliss, was released in year 2011, you will learn more about this epidemic, many different diets, exercise programs, healthy nutrition and her own personal struggle with weight. The book is available at DrO Medical Clinic, in bookstores nationwide (Barnes & Nobles, Borders etc), online at Amazon.com, and in electronic forms on Kindle and Nook.




See what Patients are saying about Dr O:


by Ashly A. (Verified Patient)

Dr. O and her staff were very personable and friendly. Felt at ease and that all my questions were answered or looked into. She is interested in preventative care as opposed to just treatment, which is a rarity these days.


by Margaret Z. (Verified Patient)

Dr O is more about the wellness side of the assessment. Everyone was friendly and thorough. The team is more about finding root causes rather than just treating symptoms.


by a Verified Patient

Most attentive practice out there. You simply can’t find better than Dr. O and her staff.


by Julian M. (Verified Patient)

I enjoy visiting Dr. O. She has a great staff that not only assists you but makes you feel comfortable doing so. I am glad for my switch to Dr. O and wish her the best of luck in her new office.


by a Verified Patient

Excellent and very compassionate! Renewed my faith in the medical profession


by a Verified Patient

Dr. O. Is knowledgeable and professional and unlike many of her contemporaries listens to the concerns of her patients. Her staff is courteous and friendly and make all patients feel comfortable. Additionally, appointments can be scheduled by multiple means.


by a Verified Patient

The doctor was very professional. I always felt like I had her full attention and she explained all procedures to me. I have been looking for a new PCP and I’m confident I found a good one.


Ralph O. (Verified Patient)

Wonderful “bedside manner!” Soft spoken but very knowledgeable and comfortable disseminating the information. Powerful sense of knowing the direction toward health.


by a Verified Patient

She was very helpful, and seemed to really care about what was going on with my body. I would highly recommend her to my family and friends.


by Michelle P. (Verified Patient)

I’m recommending her to others! She actually listens to what I’m telling her.


by Tibaut B. (Verified Patient)

Really excellent. One of my best experiences in a doctor’s office. From her staff to her consultation, everything was so friendly, welcoming, and personal.


by Rose S. (Verified Patient)

Very pleasant and friendly staff. It was refreshing to arrive in an office with such friendly staff and so caring. I am bragging to everyone in my office regarding her service and excited to have found her. Thank you


by a Verified Patient

Easy to talk with and takes her time to listen to your concerns. She asks questions and makes you feel comfortable telling her what you are feeling during your conversation.


by Brant M. (Verified Patient)

This was my second visit with Dr. O – Every aspect that I appreciated in the first visit was repeated by Dr. O and also by her assistants. Everyone in the office is truly warm, personable and friendly, and they make you feel relaxed and at home. Dr. O is attentive, experienced and has a keen intuitive sense. Her sessions are direct and expedient, while being warm and comforting too.
by Brant M. (Verified Patient)

Dr. Olusegun was thorough, attentive, well-informed, and friendly. I was never rushed. She replied to my questions to my complete satisfaction, providing me with all the responsiveness I would expect from a well-trained, experienced professional. This was my first visit with her and she gained my confidence. In addition, every one of her assistants were warm, attentive and made every effort to assist me as needed. And though I was sick, my appointment was a totally pleasant, comfortable and inviting experience.